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After Wedding , Wedding Photographer

What does the wedding photographer actually do after the wedding?
In fact, the wedding photographer is more busy after the wedding than on or before the wedding day.

Of course, a good wedding photographer invests some time before the dream wedding.
Without a wedding planner, a photographer actually needs even more time to prepare for the wedding in a serious manner.

Inspection of the wedding location

Your Perfect Day always takes very good care of all wedding service providers.
So we take care of the complete happiness package, which the best wedding photographers always appreciate.

The wedding was wonderful, the last photos of the wedding dance and the wedding party are shot.
All too long, in my opinion, the wedding photographer must not stay.
The wedding guests have eaten, drunk and want to celebrate undisturbed. Private.

Privacy at the wedding

Already during the wedding the memory cards were saved and exchanged.
Usually the professional photographers also have several cameras with them.
The different lenses have different tasks. If a camera or a memory card should actually break, at least not everything is lost.

Memory cards are often changed

Various memory precautions are taken by professional wedding photographers.
A second shooter also makes sense here.
Of course, as a bridal couple you do not read about such disasters.

Imagine, your wedding pictures are lost!

So, all memory cards are read out and saved. Some let your presets run over the pictures and is good.
Other photographers edit your photos manually and need a lot of time.

Image editing and data backup

Sorting them out also costs an insane amount of time. Often you see “errors” only on the screen.
Then you have to consider whether the photo should be corrected or which one should be reworked.
Yes, there are also things that need to be completely retouched.

In any case, wedding photographers spend tens of hours with post-processing the wedding photos.

Remember that when it comes to offers

Here also the Wedding Blog, including the video on our wedding channel.

Wedding photographer cost evaluation

Let us keep our fingers crossed that your wedding photos are well secured and you really like them.

No rude awakening wishes you


Evelyne Schärer
Wedding planning since 2004


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