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Ensuring that your wedding day will be the most memorable day of your life. For You - and Your Guests.


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Familiar with the most stunning and romantic locations across one of Europe’s most beautiful countries and willing to help wherever you want to get married in Switzerland.

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Getting Married in Switzerland

No matter how you met or how your personal story unfolded – as soon as you take the first step toward marriage, something inside of you will fundamentally change. 

You may lie awake at night, reflecting on the major and essential questions: menu or buffet? Should the drinks at the bar be complementary or should everyone contribute? Band or DJ? And suddenly, you see yourself taking tango or waltz lessons.

You have certainly been invited to other weddings and seen it all: from simple improvised ceremonies to extravagant fairy tale weddings lasting a whole week during which two hundred white doves were released all at once. 

Should your wedding be organized with a personal touch?
Would you like your celebration to be extra-special?

Various wedding guides are available. And of course, parents and friends are here to help. It is also no secret that most women know exactly how they would like to get married, while most men fail to think about their wedding beforehand. 

You should know that more decisions than you ever thought of will need to be made.

your perfect day is here to provide personalized advice.

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